Thursday, March 4, 2010

i can see summer

A glims of summer! The sun was out, the kids played and all was well!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

beauty in snow...

Today it is beautiful! I am tired of it but I am thankful for the house confinement today! (: The flakes are big beautiful and wonderfully peaceful!

The boys listening to a story in CD

March 1st post

Asking for help! Today we had a bit of a ruff day... tomorrow is suppose to snow so... staff meeting was moved to today, I had a chiropractor appointment to get me through the week and a very big weekend that is on it's way, the boys had to be signed up for Nature camp that I REALLLLY know they would enjoy by 8:15, we need things from the grocery so if it does snow we have something to eat and all on the energy of one pregnant momma. These things I can handle but I asked for help and it felt GOOOOOD! Pop registered the boys for Camp YEA!!! he had to stand in line for 1 1/2 hours uggh and I asked the grocery boy to help me out...what a funny feeling! Got to Dr. T and she straightened me up and staff meeting was very beneficial and productive yea morning! then I walked in the door began lunch and the cubes of lemon I keep in the freezer for tea or add to dishes were ... no longer cubes so I felt around and the fridge was not working! I called Mike and asked if he could come move the stuff if I got it all out and he along with Pop and Medford came and helped me save all the food! While the adults were in the middle of this adventure sweet Walker tried to "help" flush the potty... the chain broke the other day and he has seen the way it must be flushed...sticking your hand in the back and pulling the plug... So my dear three year old tries to do this arm deep his Dad says "WAIT" and Walker drops the back of the potty and it breaks... sad wet Walker... Then I try to make dinner and that is hard with no food so I made zippy beef, shrimp with cocktail sauce and edamame and for dessert cream puffs! Yummy and yuck all at the same time. So we all went to bed before 8 and it was nice... I did have to wake up a little while to watch a very special finally (; but we are all ready for a good nights sleep!

Beauty is to try something new... This little bird tried the newly filled bird feeder and I hope he was pleased! Without trying something new, thinking new things, listening to others without judgement or comparison, loving being in the moment... what would Life be like? Happy Feast little bird!

Giving! I love giving! It is such a blessing weather it is a hug, a smile, making something for someone, a nice encouraging word, or my MVP card at Ingles, the smiles on the other end are such a blessing to me and a beauty I KNOW God loves to see! My your day be full of giving!
Dinner with our cousins! This is a blessing of blended families without my blended family these wonderful cousins wouldn't be in my life! Love them and mellow mushroom!